The PeaceKeeper
24-Inch Mini-Plus

Home Hobby Spray Paint Booth

Standard Features

148 CFM Shaded Pole Exhaust Fan
115 volt - 1.37 amp - 3,160 RPM
26 Gauge Galvanized Sheet Metal Construction
4" Collar to Exhaust to Outside, up to 15 feet

Heavy Duty Power Switch
24" X 12" X 1" High Capacity Pleated Air Filter

One Year Warranty on Paint Booth
5 Year Warranty on Exhaust Fan
Made in the U.S.A. by Pace Enterprises

24" Mini-Plus Price:$400 $345
(Includes Shipping & Handling)


The Mini-Plus Replaces the Mini, Offering all the Same Features, But with 1/3 More Workspace!

Pace 24 inch mini plus dimensions